Saturday, September 5, 2009

Mayer July exhibition to open at Tachles Gallery

The New York Times called him "a reluctant painter and accidental memoirist whose words and images form an extraordinary exhibition".

And this exhibition is now coming into Second Life.

The artist, Mayer Kirshenblatt, was born in Opatow (in Yiddish Apt), Poland in 1916 and left for Canada in 1934. At the age of 73 he taught himself to paint and made his mission to remember the world of his childhood in living color, lest future generations know more about how Jews died than how they lived.

This unique project is a blend of memoir, oral history, and visual interpretation. Intimate, humorous, and refreshingly candid, the project is a remarkable record -- in both words and images -- of Jewish life in a Polish town before World War II, as seen through the eyes of an inquisitive boy.

So far, the images have been shown in in Berkeley/San Francisco, in Kirshenblatt's hometown Opatow in Poland, and are currently at the Jewish Museum in New York and the Galicia Jewish Museum in Krakow, Poland. In December, part of his artwork will be show in Amsterdam.

And now "They Called Me Mayer July" will come into Second Life.

The opening will take place in the 2Life Building (Tachles Gallery) in Nessus at 11 AM SLT.

Those who are either in New York or Warsaw, will have even a chance to join the opening in RL.

In New York, 2Life Magazine organizes a get-together for the opening, Barbara Kirshenblatt-Gimblett, the daughter of the artist, will join from Poland.

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