Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Google has a new feature: Wave. Wave allows communication and collaboration in real time. Something that might change the way Internet communication works. Not only for individuals, but for organizations, networks etc. Working online might never be the same. Or at least this is what optimists hope.
PresenTense is one of the first organizations to explore the possibilities of Google Wave. Their 10th issues is dedicated to digital realities, and it will only be published online, not as a hard copy, using Google Wave.
An interesting experiment. The results will be presented in a few weeks, and for sure this will make some waves.
For those who want to learn more about Google Wave, watch this long presentation made last year, introducing the feature to a few chosen ones as a kind of unofficial launch.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Virtual Revolution

BBC has produced a very interesting looking documentary about how the Internet has transformed the world, but ironically enough, you can only watch it online if you life in the UK. To quote my buddy Wagner James Au: "Don't you think it's immensely silly to produce an online program claiming that the Internet has transformed the world... then prevent almost everyone in the world from viewing it on the Internet?"
Anyhow, on YouTube you find an interesting teaser. Hope to be able to watch more online in the near future.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


The final season of Lost set to kickoff tonight night. The JTA staff started wondering: What if it had been an El Al flight that crashed on the island? Here the answers from their website:

In the first place, the plane would have never crashed because the pilots would have been able to perform evasive maneuvers. But if it had…
- Jack would not have been the only doctor.
- John Locke would have been named Yeshyahu Leibowitz.
- Sayid would have never been on the plane.
- Instead of his makeshift radio, some of the Israeli passengers would have set up a high-speed Internet link.
- A Chabad house would have opened up.
- There would be more than just one recklessly driven, German-made vehicle on the road.
- The existence of a nuclear weapon on the island would never have been acknowledged.
- Gratuitous shots of Kate in her underwear would be replaced by quick peeks of haredi women sans sheitels.
- The island would suddenly have attracted the attention of the entire world, with the U.N. accusing the passengers of illegally occupying territory and using disproportionate force to fend off attacks by the Others.