Friday, May 14, 2010

I also hate the Jews on Facebook

Facebook has a new problem. Antisemitism. To be more precise: Facebook groups in Spanish with the name "Yo Tambien Odio Los Judios" ("I also hate the Jews"). For the last two weeks, groups with this name were being created on Facebook. No one has to join the group (and share much private information), but only give a thumbs up, pressing the "I like" bottom.

As a reaction, a group with the name 24 HORAS para que Facebook borre el grupo "YO TAMBIÉN ODIO A LOS JUDÍOS" (24 hours for Facebook to delete the group "I also hate the Jews") was created.

The antisemitic groups seem to be mainly joined by Latin Americans, among them the vast majority from Argentina. The first two groups were eliminated with around 500 members each. Here a news report on the elimination of the first group (in Spanish). The members shared antisemitic material from many infamous websites, including Spanish translations of the so-called Protocolls of the Elders of Zion, but also from sources such as YouTube. After Facebook removed the group, a new group with the same name was created today, so far attracting around 200 members (and growing).

Facebook wants to grow up and make its business more profitable, but hate groups who misuse the freedom provided to them, will definitely leave stains on its reputation.